This is a campaign for the launch of an Assassin's Creed game.

It was the first time they ever incorporated multiplayer so now they suddenly had a bunch of friends running around stabbing each other in the back and hiding in the shadows and jumping out at each other and cutting each other's faces off.  We had this fun idea to play off of how best friends can leave games like these hating each other's guts.  This game especially, since it was so sneaky.  After playing for a while you might need some help becoming friends again. 

So we did a video series. We made self-help pamphlets, I'm sorry cards, friendship cookies... whole bunch of stuff. 

The smart thing was that we distributed these around the country at midnight launches of competing games. So you'd have hundreds of gamers waiting around with nothing to do until we showed up and gave them something entertaining. 

With art director Devin Gillespie.

The pamphlet:


This was a hotline you could call to get automated relationship advice:

More vids:

The website:


And more vids: