"How to Change Cars Forever"  /  Dodge Dart  /  This was the extent of my professional voice acting career and the beginning of my still flourishing scratch track career


"How To Win a Golden Globe"  /  Dodge Dart  /  With art director Devin Gillespie


"Dodge Summer Clearance"  /  Dodge  /  With art director Devin Gillespie

*One Show interactive winner

*Shorty social media winner

The Dodge Dart was launched with the tag line "New Rules." So we wanted to create new rules about how you can buy one. What we did was create the world's first crowdfunded car sales. 

Dodge Dart Registry worked just like a wedding registry. each part of the vehicle was listed as a gift that you could fund.  When all the parts were funded, you could go to the dealership and pick it up. 

Here is the case study. Matt Lauer really did like the idea.

With art director Gianmaria Schonlieb.


The best thing to come out of this is Toni's story. She is a young woman whose community came together and used Dodge Dart Registry to buy her a car so she could more comfortably drive back and forth to the four hour ride to receive cancer treatments. She is now cancer free.